Looking Back – Tommy Nobis


One of my favorite players on my favorite team. Tommy Nobis played his entire career with the Atlanta Falcons and was the very first draft pick for the newly created Atlanta Falcons ins 1966.

Several years ago Mr. Nobis took some time to answer a few questions for me:

You played for the Falcons under head coach Van Brocklin. Was “The Dutchman” as strict and hard to play for as his reputation was?

“The Dutchman was a super NFL player and coach. Hall of Famer. Yes, he was strict and hard to play for but he was fair!”

You were drafted by both the Oilers (AFL) and the Falcons. Astronaut Frank Borman even called earth from space to tell you to sign with Houston. Being a former Longhorn, what made you sign with Atlanta?

“The Falcons were a brand new NFL team. I wanted to play for an NFL team. The Oilers were in the old AFL.”

What is one thing you would like to impart on young football fans?

“Listen to and learn from the advice given to you by your parents and your teachers/coaches!”

-Hook’em Horns
Tommy Nobis #60

Thank you for being a class act Mr. Nobis



58 Topps Stan Musial All Star


Great looking Stan “The Man” Musial card arrived today in the mail. This was a really good looking card. I never understood why All Star and All Pro cards were less desireable than the regular issue cards but I’m glad they are. It allowed me to pick this one up for a really small price.

59 Topps Hank Aaron/Eddie Mathews Fence Busters


Picked up this great Fence Busters card featuring two of the Braves greats. Hank Aaron is looking pretty young in this photo. I’m not sure if I am a fan of graded cards yet. Part of me likes being able to handle the old cardboard in my hands but buying graded PSA does take alot of risk out of buying vintage cards over the internet. I guess the verdict is still out for me.